Microsoft Exchange Server Software

Customer: dSpace GmbH, Germany

Business Case: With hundreds of employees, spread across 6 countries in 3 continents, dSpace required the ability to quickly add appointments and meetings to employee calendars. Furthermore, the customer also desired the ability to move calendar events in time. The company used Microsoft Exchange Server to manage all user calendars, but did not wish to use e-mail for inviting employees to meetings or updating those meetings.

Solution: Sitex developed an application that can interface with the Microsoft Exchange Server and access the account information of all employees. This application displays to the user all of the accounts that exist on the Exchange Server and allows the user to select which accounts to modify. Modification is carried out by applying a set of rules, and the modifications are applied taking time zones into consideration.
The application includes a test mode and a rollback facility to protect the exchange accounts from user error. A logging system is also included so that administrators can view all activities.

Tools and Technologies: C++, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory.