Manufacturing Automation

One of the main priorities for our team is development of manufacturing automation software used to organize and manage various types of production (e.g. continuous production of chemicals). We've been developing and supporting manufacturing execution systems (MES) for small and medium size companies for more than 10 years. Sitex is ready to get you production based company up and running.

Interior Design

To establish a successful business in the sphere of  interior design you might need a contemporary web site where you can upload your portfolio. Sitex develops best web sites for interior design companies with the help of its own web site builder. This tool allows us to always quickly respond to our customers needs.

Information Technologies

Information technologies started to integrate into the business sphere ever since they first appeared. These days information technology companies require outsourcing support of highly qualified IT professionals. Sitex has everything to help your business grow in the digital realm.

Medicine & Health

Today's medicine is the sphere which profits a lot from what information technologies have to offer. Modern medical apps allow to radically improve the quality of medicine in no time. That's why Sitex struggles to provide the best health and medical apps in the market.
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An application for professional nutrition analysis and planning.


Rapid information technology progress resulted in development of multimedia tools. These days you simply can't imagine the Internet without YouTube videos or Skype video calls. Sitex maintains profound knowledge of contemporary technologies which allows us to be one of the most progressive offshore IT service providers in the market.
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Online Video Marketing Services to Small Businesses

We created a product presentation video and training and support videos for the note-taking software CintaNotes. The customer wanted visualizations for his sophisticated software solution with many hidden functions under the hood, with which everybody could use the note manager quickly and safely. The complexity should be reduced to a clear level. More details


Education is probably one of the most important spheres of our life. This is why the demand for high quality education software today is insane. Sitex has taken this into account and focused on providing solutions for educational organisations.
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School Manager

CRM für Sprachschulen zur Planung, Durchführung und Verrechnung von Sprachkursen
Online-Schule für Deutsch als Fremdsprache

Virtual Learning Platform for German as a Foreign Language

At the virtual learning platform for German as a foreign language (DaF) qualified teachers teach via Skype video conferencing in small groups or give individual tutoring lessons. A Moodle server supports learners by providing interactive exercise materials. With our new offer, we try to deliver convenient and efficient language learning formats at the home desk, mainly based on intensive language practice. Read more

Data Management

Data drives everything. Software programs and practices that control, protect, deliver and enhance the value of data and information assets are nowadays more essential than ever before. Sitex is a reliable IT partner with descent experience of data management software development, that helps you boosting your productivity.
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An easy-to-use and lightweight app for quick note-taking and convenient organization of various pieces of information.

Task & Project Management

The success of any business is the result of high quality task and project management. Quite often in order to enhance their office performance people use various productivity apps and plug-ins. But what are you going to do if the current market lacks the instruments you need? The Sitex team is ready to use its experience to find individual solution for You to boost your task and project management!
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Meeting Lab

A quick and simple application for planning meetings.
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Email Manager

Application for analyzing and managing email messages.

Chemical Industry


Over the last years great popularity of  information technologies resulted in blurring of boundaries for trade, which finally led to establishment of a brand new electronic commerce industry. Today this sphere is all about development of proper e-commerce websites. This is where Sitex can really help you out by providing the best web e-commerce solutions for your business.
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Online Bike Store

An easy-to-manage online store of bikes with a multilanguage user interface.

Sarafannoe Radio

An up-to-date web portal for searching goods and effective online business development.