Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) InfoCarrier®

Customer: on/off it-solutions gmbh, Germany

Business Case: on/off it-solutions gmbh, a leading supplier of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) required a low-cost IT solutions partner to help customize its flagship product, InfoCarrier®, to meet the needs of individual customers.

Solution: Sitex developers work directly with the developers at On/Off Group to customize and implement features to meet customer requirements. During this partnership, Sitex developers have also been tasked with rewriting significant parts of the software code base to improve efficiency, as well as migrating the software to newer versions of the development tools, used to build the software.

InfoCarrier® is an MES that has been specially developed for continuous production processes. The software is built upon a high-capacity Oracle database, the “Plant Data Repository”. The wealth of information subsequently gained enables a large number of functions serving data integration and analysis.

Tools and Technologies: C++ Builder, Oracle.