Document Management Solution ISO 9001

Customer: Private Medical Health Care Enterprise

Business Case: The customer required document  management solution that will be able to store all soft copies of documents used by the enterprise for management as well as patient care. The solution is intended for use by employees with very little computer experience. The solution also was required to help them maintain their quality standards and retain their ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation.

Solution: Sitex graphical design team created a number of interface design mock-ups and the merits of each design were discussed with the customer. The design that was agreed upon uses mostly gray scale color scheme as this helped to simplify the look of application, which helps the inexperienced computer user to feel more comfortable quickly. The user interface has large, easy to distinguish buttons, with text to help the user, and more complicated functions can be selected using a large tab panel, with functionality provided in a clear and large font.
During the design and development, Sitex held consultation with a senior ISO quality auditor, based in Germany, and were able to ensure that the end solution would not impact the clients ISO accreditation.
Use cases were defined for all tasks that the users might need to carry out in the system, and the interface was further refined to ensure that these tasks have the shortest number of steps, and the steps that there are, are very intuitive.

The application is based on a client/server architecture and allows the user to create and edit documents, revert back to previous versions, export documents and display and print them. The system administrator can apply rights to different users, restricting their access permissions when necessary. The user interface consists of a simple tree hierarchy, similar to that of the File Explorer in windows.

The QuMan user interface leads the operator through the system in a step-by-step manner, beginning with the starting screen. The interface has a constant tool panel with large icons, which gives the inexperienced user an opportunity to rapidly begin working in the system.

Tools and Technologies: Microsoft .NET, Firebird