Customer: FuxWeb, Germany

Business Case: The client commissioned Sitex to develop a nutrition and diet planner that can provide a “close-to-professional” dietary analysis. The application will be primarily targeted at care homes. With their slowing metabolism, the elderly are often the most at risk from malnutrition.

The client approached Sitex with follow on projects, to enhance the solution.

Solution: Sitex has developed a Windows application that allows care homes to enter the physical and lifestyle characteristics of their patients and to view the resultant nutritional advice. The application makes use of a nutritional database, developed by the client, to calculate the advice.

Sitex developed a second release of nutrition/diet planner. To enhance usability of the program, elements of the menu were able to be sorted into main component groups, which facilitate an enhanced searching process.

Sitex developed an update for the nutrition/diet planner that includes a substantially extended report generation and presentation (screen and printer) tool.

Tools and Technologies: C++, WTL, Firebird.

Benefits: This client was very pleased with the results and invited Sitex to carry out development on further versions of this application.
The client has successfully installed this solution into 18 nursing homes across Germany.