Timber Saw-mill Process Automation

Customer: FuxWeb, Germany

Business Case: The client, a timber saw-mill, required an application to help to automate its internal business processes.
The application was required to store customer orders, to record the status of these orders and to produce, print and archive invoices. Each order needs to store the details of the customer, the precise details of the order and the agreed cost.

The client requested a second phase to the project after the successful completion of the first phase. In the second phase, the client requested enhanced navigation between orders.

Solution: Sitex developed a Windows application for this solution. The application uses simple forms to allow users to add orders, and a list showing all the orders, that can be sorted according to the order status, or the customer name. A detailed view window was also provided to show the full details of any particular order. The application contained large buttons for performing actions, like printing invoices, and also some short-cut keys, to speed up the operators’ ability to enter new orders.

For the follow-up version, in the second phase, Sitex added a colour scheme to the orders list, so operators’ could see at a glance the status of the different orders. Navigation buttons were added to the detailed view windows, to allow the operator to quickly move between orders. A log file has been created to record all the operations carried out by the operator, this will enable to client to trace any errors that are reported in the orders.

Tools and Technologies: C++.

Benefits: This solution greatly reduced the administrative overhead of processing orders in the saw-mill, saving the client time and money. The system also allowed for a small reduction in the order processing time, resulting in higher levels of customer satisfaction.