Shareware Download Portal

Customer: An Internet Service Provider based in Switzerland

Business Case: This Internet Service Provider desired to provide a shareware download portal for its customers. The download portal was defined to have an easy-to-use search feature and a high download speeds. Furthermore the customer required the portal to have an up-to-date appearance and intuitive design.

Solution: Sitex developed a download portal which is easy to use and has a fresh and attractive design. A simple tab menu and a center-placed search bar makes it easy for a new user to start to use the portal. The user can view item details such as rating, number of downloads and version in a search results table. The user may choose to start the download straight away, or may proceed to a full description page providing a more detailed description of the software to be downloaded and also user reviews.
The portal has a powerful backend which provides the administrator of the system simple means of editing the content.

Tools and Technologies: PHP, PostGres, Smarty, HTML, CSS

• Easy-to-use software portal with good search capabilities
• High performance within maximum download rates
• Powerful and affordable backend solution.