Contemporary Software Version Control

What do “commit”, “checkout”, “revision”, “branch”, “merge” and “repository” have in common?  All these words describe important functions of the version control process.  This process is one of the core elements of developing software in remote teams. In this article we will talk about the industry standard products “Git” and “Bitbucket”.

Test System

When developing software in remote teams, it is crucial to have professional tools for working with files. Often changes in source code or documents are made only locally. This prevents other members of the team to access the latest version of files. As a result, the team ends up having a lot of versions of one file, which later will have to be merged together to get a complete document. With the help of a version control system you can keep track of all versions, restore and archive them.


Git is a free software for version control, which was developed by Linus Torvalds, the “father” of Linix. With the help of this program you can add new branches and merge two or more branches into one. There is no central server. Each software developer has a local copy of the common repository. TortoiseGit is another application which is worth looking at. TortoiseGit is a free Git UI for Windows.

If in your case the project has a number of developers, they can gain control over it with the help of the Bitbucket web hosting service. With Bitbucket you can keep track of project changes, status and also compare different version of your files.

Simply copy the repository in Bitbucket and load all the changes via the Git checkout feature. First apply all the local changes and then load all  the rest edits with a mere mouse click. If you work with projects which are located on such websites as GitHub or BitBucket, you can make changes by just loading the branches, which you will later integrate in the project with the merge function.

Both Bitbucket and Git are industry standard applications for the remote software development. In case you want to start using these products we will kindly help you master them.